My Dad’s GED

My father was a very intelligent man!  He was able to fix just about anything and did amazing projects like building a clock from his own materials.  Moreover he was a master auto and diesel mechanic.  My Dad passed away 3 years ago and I truly miss him.  One of things I’m most proud about my father is he was an US Army veteran of the Korean War.  He was injured in combat at the age of 18 after his friend stepped on a mine. A few years ago I was going through my father’s military paperwork and I saw that he earned his GED while in the military.  I felt extra special about this as I work to help so many of you pass the GED.  My father was always looked upon as a capable man because of his skills and talents- his formal education had little to do with the respect he earned from others.  So I want to remind you all that getting a GED is an achievement but does not define who you are or limit your natural talents in anyway.  I know that you have some amazing gift to share so never give up on your dreams and make the most of all your potential-  life is too short to think otherwise.