Never Getting A GED

I personally know many people that never plan on getting their GED.  And how is their life going?  Well, for some they have pretty good jobs making a nice salary. Other people I know without their GED are struggling- living pay check to check and always worried.  I think never getting a GED or high school diploma is a big gamble.  Maybe you have worked at a job for several years and built yourself up to make good money- if that’s your case then great.

However what happens if you lose your job? Or you have to move?  Well getting a new job will be much more demanding and you likely will not make the same amount of money- at least starting off.  Today’s economy is very competitive and employers are looking for every reason not to pay you much.  So if you don’t have your GED it’s easy for an employer to pay you near minimum wage as they think you don’t have a lot of other job offers.  In the end, you have to decide if getting a GED is worth your time.  My thoughts are this: time is money and not getting a GED is a bad gamble in today’s economic reality- we are talking about a small amount of time out of your entire life to get your GED; be smart and get that GED!