The GED Bee Sting

Yesterday I was doing my weekly yard work.  You know mowing the lawn, hedging, trimming I actually enjoy the work as it’s great exercise and I like being outside.  Well, I was trimming one of my hedges and out of nowhere I got stung by a wasp!  The last time I was stung was maybe when I was a kid – nevertheless it hurt and during the next 30sec following the sting I was completely focused on that little stinger and the pain it was causing me.  As I gathered myself I saw that there was a huge wasp nest growing in my hedges and I blindly put my hands and arms right into it- why? Because I did not see it! So, what does this have to do with you and the GED?   Well over the years many people have told me that they are getting their GED because of some emergency.  For example their job just made a requirement that they need a GED so they have 60days to pass or get fired.  Most of these people never saw the need to get their GED until they got “stung” with a life or job situation- then the pain and stress makes them react and focus on the GED.  Just like my wasp sting, we often never see the bad things that we might be heading towards- that’s just life.  However when it comes to education if you don’t have your GED it’s likely that somewhere in the future you will be stung by the fact you don’t have your GED.  You may not get a promotion, a new job or qualify to get into the vocational school you desire to attend.  So, be smart and avoid the GED sting by focusing and passing the exam no matter how many times you need to take it- trust me it won’t be nearly as painful as an out of the blue disappointment because you don’t have a GED.