The New GED Is Better For You – 3 Reasons Why

I know many people don’t like the new GED- I can certainly understand this if you are still studying and need to pass.  Nevertheless, the pressures of passing the old GED (before 2014) and the new GED are the same.  My impression of the old GED was that it was a pretty good exam- testing many main ideas of high school education.  However, I feel that the new GED  (the version starting from 2014) is a better test for your future- I break down my reasons into 3 factors:

1. You Will Get Smarter.   The new GED exam is designed to be more challenging and it’s focused on the level of education not just to pass high school but also to be ready to enter college.  Yes, subjects like the math section is more difficult in terms of the algebra and geometry but working to understand these concepts only makes you smarter.  So, don’t think of the new test as a hassle think of it as investing in learning more skills.

2. More Respect.  Many organizations and employers are aware of the new GED- and they likely understand it’s more demanding to pass.  As such, I believe passing the new GED is viewed with more respect.  When people know that you achieved a demanding goal it often times gets you more respect in the eyes of many- and that is a very healthy thing for your ego and employment prospects.

3. Easier To Continue Your Education.  Lastly, studying for the new GED helps develop the skills you need to further your education- especially college.  As you know the best jobs require more skills and education; so you seriously want to consider to keep going to school even after you pass the GED.

Just to be clear passing the GED is a great achievement- no matter if it was 30 years ago or last week.  However times are challenging and with that comes the responsibility you have to keep learning; so with that in mind this latest GED is only increasing the standards you need to have to maximize your future.