All right you made it to the last lesson in the chapter.  In this section you’re going to learn how to master how to add and subtract fractions.  Many students find adding and subtracting fractions difficult but don’t worry as long as you watched the fraction lessons in order you will find it easy!

Things to focus on in this lesson:

• The steps to add or subtract fractions when the denominators are the same
• How to find the LCD
• How to change a fraction such that it contains the LCD
• The steps to add or subtract fractions when the denominators are different

Chapter 1 Lesson 4

Adding and Subtracting Fractions

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Congratulations you finished lesson 4 and chapter 1.  Mastering fraction skills are so important to your success on the GED.  At this point in the course here are a few things you should be able to:

* reduce/ simplify a fraction

* find the LCD/LCM

* multiply and divide fractions

* add and subtract fractionsOk get ready for your next chapter

Positive And Negative Numbers



Lesson 1: Introduction Fractions/Decimals

Lesson 2: Fractions Finding The LCM/LCD

Lesson 3: Multiplying And Dividing Fractions

Lesson 4:Adding and Subtracting Fractions


Section Practice Problems Below:


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