Chapter 3: Order of Operations / Variables Lesson 3

Welcome to lesson 3 the topic we will study is the order of operations. I can not stress enough how important this topic is for your success on the GED you MUST master the order of operations.  One of the top reasons people fail in math is their lack of understanding of the order of operations.  Like many topics in math it’s not hard but it’s very easy to make a mistake.  So stay focused and practice until you are certain you mastered the order of operations.

Things to focus on in this lesson:

• what an “operation” is in math
• what PEMDAS means
• how to apply PEMDAS to simplify a numeric expression


Chapter 3 Lesson 3

Order of Operations

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 Ok you finished lesson 3 nice job.  You should be able to:* define a mathematical operation* use PEMDAS to simplify a numeric expression* use the order of operations with fractions and positive and negative numbersAll right let’s finish up the chapter by starting the last lesson

Lesson 4: Translating Verbal and Algebraic Phrases




Lesson 1: Number Operations

Lesson 2: Variables

Lesson 3: Order of Operations

Lesson 4: Translating Verbal and Algebraic Phrases

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