Lesson 3 is about a super important topic when learning about lines in algebra- the topic is “slope”.  The slope of a line is the angle of the line and we really need to understand the slope to graph lines and find the equation of a line.  By the way I have been talking about graphing and finding the equation of lines- these “line” equations have a mathematical name called “linear equations”.  So this chapter is really all about linear equations and slope.

Things to focus on in this lesson:

• the definition of slope
• the rise over the run
• how to find the slope given two points

Chapter 6 Lesson 3

Slope Of A Line

pop quiz:  T/F a variable represents a number?

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Well done you finished lesson 3 on slope.  You should be able to:

* define the slope

* find the slope given two points

* know the difference between negative and positive slopes

Now that you understand the slope we can continue to learn more about graphing lines


Lesson 4: Graphing Lines Using Slope Intercept Method

Lesson 1: Graphing Lines One Variable 

Lesson 2: Graphing Lines Two Variables

Lesson 3: Slope Of A Line

Lesson 4: Graphing Lines Using Slope Intercept Method

Lesson 5: Graphing Lines Using XY Intercept Method

Lesson 6: Finding The Equation Of A Line y=mx + b Method

Lesson 7: Finding The Equation Of A Line Point-Slope  Formula

Lesson 8: Finding The Equation Of A Line Given A Point And Slope

Lesson 9: Finding The Equation Of A Line Given Two Points

Lesson 10: Find The Best Fitting Line/Scatter Plots

Lesson 11: Linear Models/ Word Problems

Section Practice Problems Below:


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