Save Money Use Your GED Knowledge

Great- your studying for your GED and increasing your knowledge in many areas including math.  So after you pass the GED what are you going to do with your new skills and education?  Hopefully the answer to that question is not nothing.  You worked hard to improve your education but if you don’t use your knowledge to improve your life what’s the point.  One of the first areas I would suggest you use your increased math skills is the area of your personal finances.  Don’t let credit cards companies and banks get over on you by offering you terrible deals.

So many people will not improve in the area of their financial security because they can’t determine if a deal is good or bad.  Use your math skills to look at the numbers- all you need is a basic calculator and an understanding of percent to evaluate most credit cards and loans.  Having your GED is one thing, using your GED to save money is awesome!  The key point I’m trying to make is use your education by thinking for yourself- don’t just blindly trust what some credit card commercial or bank is offering.  I can tell you from personal experience that understanding math has really made all the difference in my financial security- I want you to do the same by applying your GED math skills in your life; trust me you don’t need a PhD in math to avoid bad financial deals.