The Big Problem With Education Today (Not The GED)

There is a huge problem with getting an education today- that problem is cost.  Probably the most clear example of cost is how much it cost to attend college or a vocational school.  Many college degrees cost more than some houses you can buy in many parts of the country!  The result is many students have huge amounts of debt after they graduate- a burden that will stay with them for years and years.  However there is other huge cost associated with education- that is the individual cost for a person not having enough skills for a demanding job market.  If you don’t have enough qualifications you will likely be stuck in low paying jobs and even if you do have strong qualifications/ resume there is no guarantee that you will land a high paying position. So, what is the answer to the high cost of getting an education and the cost of not having enough?  I think part of the answer is to be more creative in how you are developing yourself.  There are many, many things you can learn online for free (or very low cost) that will significantly increase your job skills.  You can learn about various technical trades or develop business skills like selling.  The more time you take to read and study on your own the more skillful you will be in your life.  Don’t believe that attending a school and getting a diploma will magically make you ready for everything you will face in the workforce- you must continue to be a lifelong learner to be successful.  So make the most of the free resources around you like the library and the internet to educate yourself- the only cost you will pay is your time.