The number one reason why people don’t pass the GED is bad thinking.  A principle of life is we often get what we think about the most- and if you’re not thinking “successful” thoughts you undermine your potential.  Now you may be saying to yourself that you are a positive thinker but stop and really review what images are going through your mind.  Are you focused on worry- the fear of what will happen if you don’t have your GED?  Maybe you think a lot  about how much you don’t know and are convinced that you just can’t pass. You see these kind of thought patterns will bring you exactly what you DO NOT WANT as bad thinking will lead to bad results.  The true key to success is to hold and focus on positive images in your mind.  For example you should be always thinking about the new opportunities a GED will bring; or maybe think about how proud your family will be when you pass the GED.  Positive thinking gets us emotional and excited- this leads to action.  Likewise negative thinking gets us depressed- which leads to no action.  So do yourself a favor and filter your thoughts- keep the positive ones and dump the negative stuff; this is not only great advice for the GED but for all aspects of living a happy and healthy life.

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