Hello welcome to lesson 2 on systems.  I’m going to teach you a much better way to solve systems compared to the last lesson.  The substitution method is one of the best ways to solve systems so you want to really work hard and master the skill.  Systems are everywhere in algebra and if you continue to study math you will see systems again and again.

Things to focus on this lesson:

• how to solve for one variable in a two variable equation
• the steps to solve a system with the substitution method
• how to verify a solution to a system

Chapter 10 Lesson 2

Solve Systems Substitution Method

how often do you study for the GED? you should try to study at least 30 min a day

Nice job you know that much more about systems.   At this point in the course you should be able to:

* solve a system by graphing

* solve a system by the substitution method

* understand the types of solutions a system can have

Ok we are ready to start the next lesson on systems.

Lesson 3:  Solve Systems Elimination Combination Method



Lesson 1: Solve Systems By Graphing

Lesson 2:  Solve Systems Substitution Method

Lesson 3:  Solve Systems Elimination Combination Method

Lesson 4:  Introduction to Matrices

Lesson 5:  Basic Matrix Operations

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