Ok welcome to lesson 3 on systems.  In this lesson I will teach you another great way to solve system it’s called the elimination/combination method.  Both the substitution and elimination methods are good and after you gain experience you will be able to determine which method you like best.

Things to focus on this lesson:

• how to solve a system to use the elimination/combination method
• how to verify a solution to a system

Chapter 10 Lesson 3

Solve Systems Elimination Combination Method

don’t look at past results to judge the future- take massive action and create new results!

Ok good job you finished lesson 3 on systems here are some things you should be able to do:

* solve systems using various methods

* understand the basic concepts about systems

* verify the solution to a system

Now that you know how to solve systems the next two lessons will be about matrices- another important topic in algebra

Lesson 4:  Introduction to Matrices



Lesson 1: Solve Systems By Graphing

Lesson 2:  Solve Systems Substitution Method

Lesson 3:  Solve Systems Elimination Combination Method

Lesson 4:  Introduction to Matrices

Lesson 5:  Basic Matrix Operations

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