Hello welcome to lesson 4 we will now look at the topic of matrices.  A matrix is just a way to organize information by rows and columns think of an Excel spreadsheet as an example.  The following two lessons will introduce you to matrices and if you continue to study algebra you will see much more about the topic.  However for the GED you want to make sure you gain some basic matrix skills by studying these lessons.

Things to focus on in this lesson:

• the definition of a matrix
• why matrices are useful
• the terms and parts of a matrix

Chapter 10 Lesson 4

Introduction to Matrices

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Great you finished lesson 4.  You should be able to do:

* understand the basic parts of a matrix

* know how to construct a matrix

* solve systems

Ok are you ready to finish the chapter? just one more lesson on matrices and it’s a very important lesson

Lesson 5:  Basic Matrix Operations



Lesson 1: Solve Systems By Graphing

Lesson 2:  Solve Systems Substitution Method

Lesson 3:  Solve Systems Elimination Combination Method

Lesson 4:  Introduction to Matrices

Lesson 5:  Basic Matrix Operations

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