Ok let’s finish up this chapter by looking at  this last lesson on matrix operations.  You need to know basic matrix operations for the GED.  The good news is that basic matrix operations are very easy however it’s easy to make mistakes.  The key in all mathematical problem solving is writing neat and showing all your steps.  Don’t make the common student mistake of sloppy work as it almost always results in errors.

Things to focus on in this lesson:

• scalar multiplication
• how to add and subtract a matrix
• how to simplify basic matrix operations

Chapter 10 Lesson 5

Basic Matrix Operations

you have worked on your education with this course- the pay off will be huge!

You did great!  The chapter is over!! At this point in the course you should be:

* feeling much better about your math skills

* have a GED study book and working problems

* writing your 1 and 5 year goals

Let’s start the last chapter!!!



Lesson 1: Solve Systems By Graphing

Lesson 2:  Solve Systems Substitution Method

Lesson 3:  Solve Systems Elimination Combination Method

Lesson 4:  Introduction to Matrices

Lesson 5:  Basic Matrix Operations

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