Understanding systems and the methods to solve them are vital in Algebra. This chapter introduces/reviews techniques to solve linear systems. Lastly, the topic of matrices will be introduced. Students will understand the “real world” applications of matrices and basic matrix operations.

• Solving Systems by Graphing
• Solving Systems Substitution Method
• Solving Systems by Elimination/Linear Combination
• Introduction to Matrices
• Basic Matrix Operations

Chapter 10 Lesson 1

Solve Systems By Graphing

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Good work you finished the first lesson. You should be able to:

* understand what a system represents

* solve a system by graphing

* understand the types of solutions a system could have

Let’s look at better and more practical ways to solve systems- you really need to master this to master algebra

Lesson 2:  Solve Systems Substitution Method


Lesson 1: Solve Systems By Graphing

Lesson 2:  Solve Systems Substitution Method

Lesson 3:  Solve Systems Elimination Combination Method

Lesson 4:  Introduction to Matrices

Lesson 5:  Basic Matrix Operations

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