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GED Math Chapter 11: Geometry Lesson 5

Hello welcome to the lesson on the distance and mid-point formula.  The name of these formulas pretty well describe what they are used for- the distance formula finds the distance between two points and the mid-point formula finds the halfway mark between two points.  As in any formula you need to focus on what the variables of the formula represent and how to use it properly.

Things to focus on this lesson:

• how to use the distance formula
• how to use the mid-point formula

Chapter 11 Lesson 5

The Distance and Midpoint Formulas

When you complete a goal you become more powerful! Only one more lesson to finish this course!!!

Good work! You finished lesson 5 only one more lesson to go in this chapter. Here are some things you should be able to do:

  • Find the area and volume of basic figures
  • Find the area and circumference of a circle
  • Use the distance and mid-point formula

Alright, let’s finish up the last lesson in the course!!!!!  You are almost done!

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