Ok welcome to lesson 2 it’s about positive and negative numbers and it’s an extra important lesson because so many students are weak in this area- adding  real numbers.  The concepts are not difficult however you need to go slow and practice problems until you can answer each one correctly with little effort.  Also do not skip this section if you are struggling in it – do whatever it takes to master adding real numbers as you will need this skill to understand future  material.

Things to focus on in this lesson:

• the steps to add to negative numbers
• the steps to add to positive numbers
• the steps to add a positive number with a negative number and how we determine if the answer is postive or negative

Chapter 2 Lesson 2

Adding Real Numbers

if you think you can or can’t either way your right- thoughts become actions so watch negative thoughts they have destructive power!


Nice work! you finished lesson 2 here are some things you should be able to:

* add two negative numbers

* add two positive numbers

* add a positive and negative numbers.

Now that you know how to add positive and negative numbers subtracting them will be easy- lets start the next lesson

Lesson 3: Subtracting Real Numbers


Lesson 1: Introduction To Real Numbers

Lesson 2: Adding Real Numbers

Lesson 3: Subtracting Real Numbers

Lesson 4: Multiplying/Dividing Real Numbers

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