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Chapter 2 Lesson 3 – Subtracting Real Numbers

Welcome to lesson 3 get ready to master how to subtract positive and negative numbers.  Warning: if you did not master the previous lesson on adding positive and negative numbers go back and review and get that skill down first.  Subtracting positive and negative numbers is easy because we change subtraction problems into addition problems- hence the reason you need to understand how to add positive and negative numbers.

Things to focus on in this lesson:

• how to change a subtraction problem into an addition problem
• what does “plus negative” mean
• what is happens when you take the “negative of a negative value”

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Looking good –you finished lesson 3 on subtracting real nembers!
Here are some things you should be to do:

* change a subtraction problem into an addition problem

* add or subtract positive and negative numbers

* add or subtract positive and negative fractions

OK, good news…we are moving onto multiplying and dividing positive and negative numbers this is much easier than adding and subtracting them.

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