All right let’s finish up this chapter by getting you to learn how to multiply and divide positive and negative numbers.  Unlike the rules for adding and subtracting positive and negative numbers multiplying and dividing rules are very easy to learn.  However I must stress that just because the rules are easy they are also easy to confuse- this is why so many students really have trouble.  So before you end this chapter make sure you know the various rules even if you have to use your notes while doing problems.

Things to focus on in this lesson:

• the rule for multiplying positive and negative numbers
• the fact that the rule for dividing positive and negative numbers is the same for multiplication
• it’s easy to confuse the rules for adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing positive and negative numbers so becareful

Chapter 2 Lesson 4

Multiplying and Dividing Real Numbers

if you can think it you can do it……

Nice work!  You finished the chapter on positive and negative numbers.  Here are some things you should be able to do at this point in the course:

* add and subtract fractions

* multiply and divide fractions

* reduce fractions

* perform operations with positive and negative numbers

Let’s keep your learning going by starting the next chapter on order of operations and variables.

Order of Operations And Variables




Lesson 1: Introduction To Real Numbers

Lesson 2: Adding Real Numbers

Lesson 3: Subtracting Real Numbers

Lesson 4: Multiplying/Dividing Real Numbers

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