This chapter focuses on getting the you to master working with the positive and negative numbers (also called Real Numbers). Students learn the different type of numbers that make up the Real Number system. The rules of integers will be reinforced through many practice examples.

• Real Number System
• Adding Real Numbers
• Subtracting Real Numbers
• Multiplying and Dividing Real Numbers

Chapter 2 Lesson 1

Introduction To Real Numbers

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Wonderful you finished the first lesson on positive and negative numbers. You should be able to:

* have a good grasp of how positive and negative numbers represent real life situations

* understand the different type of numbers in the Real Number System to include integers, rational numbers, etc.

* order real numbers on a number line

Ok let’s go the lesson 2 which is really important!

Lesson 2: Adding Real Numbers


Lesson 1: Introduction To Real Numbers

Lesson 2: Adding Real Numbers

Lesson 3: Subtracting Real Numbers

Lesson 4: Multiplying/Dividing Real Numbers

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