Hello welcome to lesson 4 the topic is translating verbal and algebraic phrases.  The main purpose of this lesson is to teach you how to write a verbal statement into a mathematical or algebraic statement.  A quick example would be “a number plus 2 is equal to 10”  this could be written as “x + 2 =10”.  It’s important to learn how to translate verbal and algebraic statements to really master algebra.  As you know algebra will be on the GED so pay attention and go back and review if you get confused.

Things to focus on in this lesson:

• what is the difference between a verbal statement and algrbraic statement
• what are the key words and terms to memorize when translating

Chapter 3 Lesson 4

Translating Verbal and Algebraic Phrases

almost all successful people have endured and overcome a great failure to include being fired from a job, bankruptcy and ideas that did not work.  However all these people became great because they never quit and always looked to find a way to succeed……

Wow!  you finished lesson 4 and the chapter- nice work.  Let’s review some of the skills you should have this far into the course:

* being able to work with fractions

* knowing how to work with positive and negative numbers

* understanding the order of operations and variable expressions

* knowing how to translate a verbal phrase into an algebraic phrase

Let’s start the next chapter on simplifying algebraic expressions- our fist real step into algebra

Simplifying Algebraic Expressions



Lesson 1: Number Operations

Lesson 2: Variables

Lesson 3: Order of Operations

Lesson 4: Translating Verbal and Algebraic Phrases

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