This chapter introduces students to basic terms and concept used in Algebra. Time is taken to ensure the student understands basic number operations, order of operations, variables and their applications. Also a section explains the some key phases in the language of algebra and how to translate a verbal phrase into an algebraic phrase.

• Number Operations
• Variables
• Order of Operations
• Translating Verbal and Algebraic Phrases

Chapter 3 Lesson 1

Number Operations

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Good work!  You finished lesson 1.  Here are somethings you should be able to do:

* define what a math operation is

* know what the words “sum” “difference” “product” and “quotient” mean

* be able to perform number operations with various numbers to include positive and negative numbers as well as fractions

Let’s keep the fun going by starting the next lesson

Lesson 2: Variables


Lesson 1: Number Operations

Lesson 2: Variables

Lesson 3: Order of Operations

Lesson 4: Translating Verbal and Algebraic Phrases

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