Ok welcome to lesson 2.  In this lesson you will learn how work with like terms.  The key difference between middle and high school math is high school math requires students to understand variable expressions- i.e. basic algebra.  Of course you should expect basic algebra on the GED and knowing how to work with variables is critical.  The starting point to mastering algebra is understanding how to work with variable terms and determining when terms are like and not like.

Things to focus on in this lesson:

• what is a “term”
• what are the different parts of a term
• how we determine if terms are like
• how to simplify variable expressions

Chapter 4 Lesson 2

Simplifying By Combining Like Terms

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Nice job you are doing going great!  You finished the chapter on simplifying algebraic expressions. At this point in the course you should be able to:

* work with fractions and positive and negative numbers

* perform the order of operations using PEMDAS

* simplify variable expressions

Ok we are ready to start the chapter on equations. The topic of equations could very well be one of the most important chapters of the course so really   pay attention- you will need this for the GED!

Solving Equations 




Lesson 1: Distributive Property

Lesson 2: Simplifying By Combining Like Terms


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