All right lets get started  on how to solve two step equations.  This lesson builds on lesson 1 where you learned how to solve one step equations.  Remember that math builds on itself so if you’re weak in the previous material we covered you will have problem with almost all future math topics.  Common weaknesses for math students are fractions, order of operations, positive and negative numbers.  Also many students that understand concepts do poorly at math because they don’t write neat and show all their work.  As you study math try to make your work look like mine- you can do this!

Things to focus on in this lesson:

• the definition of a two step equation
• the steps we use to solve two step equations
• how to verify the solution to an equation

Chapter 5 Lesson 3

Two Step Equations

the only way to change the results your getting is to change yourself- always look within to find the solutions….

Ok you finished lesson 3 on two step equations here are some things you
should be able to do:* solve one step equations* solve two step equations* verify a solution to an equationYou’re doing great and now we are ready to learn how to solve any equation by taking on the subject of multi-step equations.Lesson 4: Multi Step Equations


Lesson 1: Basic Concepts of Equations

Lesson 2: One Step Equations

Lesson 3: Two Step Equations

Lesson 4: Multi Step Equations

Lesson 5: Formulas and Literal Equations

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