Ok welcome to lesson 4 on equations.  This is the lesson where we put everything we learned about equations together so we can solve any equation.  Of course it would be nice if most equations we had to solve were one and two step equations.  For sure you need to master these basic equations for the GED.  However the reality is most equations we face in algebra and beyond require multiple steps.  Before you start this lesson make sure you understand the distributive property as we will be using it a lot to solve multi-step equations.

Things to focus on in this lesson:

• the steps to solve mulit-step equations
• when you have to apply the distributive property
• adding and subtracting variables and numbers to both sides of the equation
• how to verify your solution

Chapter 5 Lesson 4

Multi Step Equations

spend 5% of your time on identifying the problem and 95% of your time on the solution 

Nice work! you finished lesson 4 on multi-step equations here are some things you should be able to do:

* solve one, two and multi-step equations

* handle equations that have fractions and decimals

* verify the solution to an equation

Now that you know how to solve equations and find a numeric solution, the next lesson will be about equations that solve for another variable- this lesson is a little difficult for most students..

Lesson 5: Formulas and Literal Equations



Lesson 1: Basic Concepts of Equations

Lesson 2: One Step Equations

Lesson 3: Two Step Equations

Lesson 4: Multi Step Equations

Lesson 5: Formulas and Literal Equations

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