Great you made it to the last lesson in the equations chapter.  You have already learned so much at this point and are so much better prepared to pass the GED but we have more to learn.  As in any subject the material usally gets a little harder as you go along and math is no different.  This last lesson will be on solving formula and literal equations.  For most students this topic is hard at first but as you practice these type of equations will become easy to solve.

Things to focus on in this lesson:

• the steps to solve one, two and mulit-step equations
• the approach we take to solve for a variable when an equation has mulitiple variables
• why we need to solve formula and literal equations

Chapter 5 Lesson 5

Formulas and Literal Equations

Navy SEALS motto: “the only easy day was yesterday”

Great Job!  you finished lesson 5 and the entire chapter on equations.  Let’s review some of the skills you should have this far into the course:

* being able to work with fractions and positive and negative numbers

* understanding the order of operations and variable expressions

* knowing how to solve equations

The next chapter we will start will be about lines, slope and the equations of lines- key topics in algebra

Slope and Graphing Lines



Lesson 1: Basic Concepts of Equations

Lesson 2: One Step Equations

Lesson 3: Two Step Equations

Lesson 4: Multi Step Equations

Lesson 5: Formulas and Literal Equations

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