The chapter breaks down the steps to solve multi-step linear equations. Students will build up their skills as they progress from one and two-step equations to more advance equations. Core concepts involved will be reviewed to include the distributive property and combining like terms.

• Basic Concepts of Equations/Inequalities/Solutions
• One Step Equations
• Solving Two Step Equations
• Solving Multi-Step Equations
• Formulas and Literal Equations

Chapter 5 Lesson 1

Basic Concepts of Equations

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Well done you finished the first lesson. Here are some things you should be able to do:

* know the difference between an equation and inequality

* know what a “solution” respresents

* understand how solutions are represented in inequalities

* know how to verify a solution to an equation or inequality

Ok let’s get started on the next lesson on equations- this is where we really start to learn the steps to solve equations so take good notes.

Lesson 2: One Step Equations





Lesson 1: Basic Concepts of Equations

Lesson 2: One Step Equations

Lesson 3: Two Step Equations

Lesson 4: Multi Step Equations

Lesson 5: Formulas and Literal Equations

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