Welcome to the last lesson in the chapter.  In this lesson we will look at linear models and word problems.  For most math students their biggest fear is word problems but if you want to be successful at math you need to understand how to solve a word problem.  Remember all problem solving starts from your skills so go back and review topics you don’t really understand.

Things to focus on in this lesson:

• the concept of a linear model
• basic steps to solve a word problem
• how to graph and find the equation of a line

Chapter 6 Lesson 11

Linear Models/ Word Problems

when are you taking the GED?  let’s get you to pass!  one more step towards your dreams..  

You did great!  The chapter is over!! At this point in the course you should be:

* feeling much better about your math skills

* have a GED study book and working problems

* writing your 1 and 5 year goals

Let’s start the new chapter it’s much shorter but just as important

linear inequalities

Lesson 1: Graphing Lines One Variable 

Lesson 2: Graphing Lines Two Variables

Lesson 3: Slope Of A Line

Lesson 4: Graphing Lines Using Slope Intercept Method

Lesson 5: Graphing Lines Using XY Intercept Method

Lesson 6: Finding The Equation Of A Line y=mx + b Method

Lesson 7: Finding The Equation Of A Line Point-Slope  Formula

Lesson 8: Finding The Equation Of A Line Given A Point And Slope

Lesson 9: Finding The Equation Of A Line Given Two Points

Lesson 10: Find The Best Fitting Line/Scatter Plots

Lesson 11: Linear Models/ Word Problems

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