Hello welcome to lesson 2.  In this lesson I’m going to introduce techniques to graph a two variable line.  The topic of graphing lines is huge in algebra so you want to really spend the time building up your skills and understanding over the next series of lessons.  Just to keep you on track we will study how to graph one variable lines, two variable lines and how to find the equation of lines- lot’s to learn.

Things to focus on in this lesson:

• how to create a table of values
• plotting a line given a table of values
• the slope of a line

Chapter 6 Lesson 2

Graphing Lines Two Variables

pop quiz: what does PEMDAS stand for?

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Ok you finished lesson 2 nice job.  You should be able to:


* create a table of values

* graph a two variable line

* check to see if a point in on a lines


All right let’s keep learning more about lines by studying the slope


Lesson 3: Slope Of A Line

Lesson 1: Graphing Lines One Variable 

Lesson 2: Graphing Lines Two Variables

Lesson 3: Slope Of A Line

Lesson 4: Graphing Lines Using Slope Intercept Method

Lesson 5: Graphing Lines Using XY Intercept Method

Lesson 6: Finding The Equation Of A Line y=mx + b Method

Lesson 7: Finding The Equation Of A Line Point-Slope  Formula

Lesson 8: Finding The Equation Of A Line Given A Point And Slope

Lesson 9: Finding The Equation Of A Line Given Two Points

Lesson 10: Find The Best Fitting Line/Scatter Plots

Lesson 11: Linear Models/ Word Problems

Section Practice Problems Below: