This very important chapter walks the student step-by-step to master how to graph linear equations. Concepts involving the coordinate plane slope and methods to graph lines are thoroughly reviewed and introduced. The second part of the chapter will teach students how to find the equation of a line using various methods and techniques. Lastly students will apply their knowledge of linear equations to finding the best fitting lines, linear models and word problems.

• Graphing Lines with One Variable
• Graphing Lines with Two Variables
• The Slope of a Line
• Slope Intercept Method
• XY Intercept Method
• Finding the Equation of a Line using the y=mx+b method
• Find the Equation of a Line- Point Slope Formula
• Find the Equation of a Line- Given Slope and Point
• Find the Equation of a Line- Given Two Points
• Finding the Best Fitting Line
• Linear Models/Word Problems

Chapter 6 Lesson 1

Graphing Lines One Variable

test taking requires practice and time management never walk into a test without studying- the results will likely not be good

Ok this is a rather long chapter with lots of lessons.  Remember what we are doing in the course- we are trying to get you to pass the GED math section which will be testing high school level math.  There is a good chance that you will not be tested on everyone of these items but you never know- my advice is that you need/should invest the time to learn all of them and don’t skip.

So you finished lesson 1.  Here are somethings you should be able to do:

* define the parts of the corrdinate plan

* graph a one variable line

* plot a (x, y) point on the corrdinate plane

Let’s keep the fun going by starting the next lesson

Lesson 2: Graphing Lines Two Variables

Lesson 1: Graphing Lines One Variable 

Lesson 2: Graphing Lines Two Variables

Lesson 3: Slope Of A Line

Lesson 4: Graphing Lines Using Slope Intercept Method

Lesson 5: Graphing Lines Using XY Intercept Method

Lesson 6: Finding The Equation Of A Line y=mx + b Method 

Lesson 7: Finding The Equation Of A Line Point-Slope  Formula

Lesson 8: Finding The Equation Of A Line Given A Point And Slope

Lesson 9: Finding The Equation Of A Line Given Two Points

Lesson 10: Find The Best Fitting Line/Scatter Plots

Lesson 11: Linear Models/ Word Problems

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