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GED Math Chapter 7: Understanding Inequalities – Lesson 2

OK, welcome to lesson 2 on inequalities.  In this lesson you will learn how to solve linear inequalities.  The steps to solve linear inequalities are basically the same steps as solving equations.  Hence if you had trouble in the equations chapter you will have problems with inequalities.  So before you start this chapter review equations if you feel unsure about your skills.

Things to focus on this lesson:

• the steps to solve a linear inequality
• how to graph the solution to an inequality
• what we do when multiplying or dividing both sides of an inequality by a negative number

Chapter 7 Lesson 2

Linear Inequalities

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Excellent you finished lesson 2 on inequalities. Here are some things you should be able to do:

* solve a linear inequality

* graph the solution of an inequality on a number line

* check if a value is a solution to an inequality

Now that you mastered linear inequalities it’s time to build up your skills by learning compound inequalities.

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