Ok welcome to this final lesson on inequalities.  In this lesson I will teach you compound inequalities.  These type of inequalities are like two linear inequalities in one statement.  So you really want to make sure you understand the previous lesson before taking on compound inequalities.  Furthermore the skills we are building in this chapter come into play in other chapters so make sure you study hard- inequalities are certain to be on the GED.

Things to focus on in this lesson:

• the difference between “and” and “or” statements
• how to set up and solve a compound inequality
• how to graph the solution to a compound inequality

Chapter 7 Lesson 3

Compound Inequalities

your ability to make sense of raw data and information is a key skill for higher paying jobs

Great Job!  you finished the chapter on inequalities.  Let’s review some of the skills you should have this far into the course:

* solving equations

* graphing lines

* finding the equations of lines

* solving and graphing inequalities

The next chapter we will start will be about powers and exponents- this is really important stuff in algebra

Powers and Exponents



Lesson 1:  Basic Concepts of Inequalities

Lesson 2:  Linear Inequalities

Lesson 3:  Compound Inequalities

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