Students use their skills to solve equations to solve linear inequalities. Basic concepts and terms are introduced first along with how to graph inequalities. A special emphasis is placed on the difference between equations and inequalities.

• Basic Concepts of Equations/Inequalities/Solutions
• Linear Inequalities
• Compound Inequalities

Chapter 7 Lesson 1

Basic Concepts of Inequalities

are you going to college after you pass the GED? if so you will need to master the math concepts in this course….

Well done you finished the first lesson. Here are some things you should be able to do:

* know what the difference between an equation and inequality

* know what a “solution” is represents

* understand how solutions are represented in inequalities

* know how to verify a solution to an equation or inequality

Now let’s get started on solving linear inequalties- the steps to solve them are just like solving an equation

Lesson 2:  Linear Inequalities



Lesson 1:  Basic Concepts of Inequalities

Lesson 2:  Linear Inequalities

Lesson 3:  Compound Inequalities

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