Welcome to lesson 4 on scientific notation. This topic is all about working with real big or real small numbers. In science we often deal with these “extreme” values and the best way to handle working with them is scientific notation.  You need to understand the previous power and exponent rules to be successful at scientific notation.  By the way working with larger and small numbers using scientific notation is used in all types of courses not just math- so pay attention and learn it well.

Things to focus on in this lesson:

• power and exponent rules
• why scientific notation is useful
• how to use a calculator

Chapter 8 Lesson 4

Scientific Notation

it’s better to dream big and miss your goal by a little rather than dream small and hit your target…..

Nice work you finished lesson 4. Here are some things you should be able to do:* list and know all the power and exponent rules* simplify expressions with powers* use scientific notationNow that you have some nice power and exponent skills let’s look at compound interest

Lesson 5:  Compound Interest 



Lesson 1: Product and Power Rules of Exponents

Lesson 2: Negative and Zero Exponents Rules

Lesson 3:  Division Rules of Exponents

Lesson 4:  Scientific Notation

Lesson 5:  Compound Interest 

Lesson 6:  Exponential Growth and Decay

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