Wow!  you really have been working hard at growing your math skills- I’m proud of you!  Let’s finish this chapter up by looking at exponential growth and decay.  This is a big topic but my lesson will only be an introduction to some important concepts.  Nevertheless, you will see how powers and exponents are used in other areas of mathematics.

Things to focus on in this lesson:

• what is exponential growth
• what is decay
• the basic exponential growth and decay formulas

Chapter 8 Lesson 6

Exponential Growth and Decay

are you taking notes? may I suggest you become a life long learner and write down what you learn it’s one of the best ways you can keep the information in your memory

Great Job!  you finished the entire chapter on powers and exponents.  Let’s review some of the skills you should have this far into the course:

* being able to work with fractions and positive and negative numbers

* being able to solve equations and inequalities

* knowing how to graph lines

* knowing how to work with powers and exponents

In the next chapter we will study rational expressions- let’s get started!

Rational Expressions



Lesson 1: Product and Power Rules of Exponents

Lesson 2: Negative and Zero Exponents Rules

Lesson 3:  Division Rules of Exponents

Lesson 4:  Scientific Notation

Lesson 5:  Compound Interest 

Lesson 6:  Exponential Growth and Decay

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