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GED Math Chapter 8: Powers and Exponents Lesson 1

This chapter covers all the rules the student will need to work with powers and exponents in Algebra. Also, important applications of these rules are coved to include scientific notation, compound interest and exponential growth and decay.

• Product and Power Rules of Exponents
• Negative and Zero Exponents Rules
• Division Rules of Exponents
• Scientific Notation
• Compound Interest
• Exponential Growth and Decay

Chapter 8 Lesson 1

Product and Power Rules of Exponents

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Wonderful you finished the first lesson on powers and exponents. You should be able to:

* know how to apply the product rule to powers

* know what the base and exponent are

* understand the way we write powers

OK, let’s go the lesson 2 it’s more rules on powers- this rule deals with negative and zero exponents.

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