The chapter goes over each of the specific concepts of ratios and proportions, percent, variation. A strong emphasis is placed on word problems and practical applications of the topics. Also, a section is dedicated to explain how to work with variable rational expressions.

• Ratio and Proportions
• Understanding Percent
• Direct and Inverse Variation
• Simplifying Rational Expressions

Chapter 9 Lesson 1

Ratios and Proportions

just a few more chapters and you will have finished the course!  you will be so ready for the GED!!

To Pass The GED You Must Practice- Try A Few Problems Now

Nice job you you finished the first lesson. You should be able to:

* understand the difference between a rate and ratio

* know how to find the unit rate

* understand what a proportion is

Ok we are ready to start the next lesson. The topic will be percent- this could be one of the most important lessons of the course so really pay attention

Lesson 2:  Percent



Lesson 1: Ratios and Proportions

Lesson 2:  Percent

Lesson 3:  Direct and Inverse Variation

Lesson 4:  Simplifying Rational Expressions

Section Practice Problems Below: