Do You Need A GED To Make A lot Of Money?

So do you need a GED to make a lot of money?  Most studies on income support the idea that the more education you have the more money you will make over your lifetime.  So having a GED would certainly help you make more money however in my opinion education is not the key to wealth building.  Do you know that many of the richest people in the world dropped out of school?Bill Gates and Steve Jobs are just a few examples.  My point is that these people had one thing a formal education can’t give you- passion to do something great!  If you have a strong burning desire to be great and are willing to work like crazy you will be successful!  So as you work on improving your education level and job skills don’t forget to ask yourself if the direction in your life is a passionate one.  Money and success demand hard work and passion so find that thing that will make you excited to do every day – it might just be the key to unlocking your full wealth potential.


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ged-math-image2Taking my free GED math course is a big step to help you prepare for the GED. The course will help you learn core middle and high school math skills but you also need to do your part and practice! As such I created a workbook for this course that is designed to give students practice problems and solutions to strengthen their skills. In order to truly master math concepts you must practice a wide variety of problems. This workbook is an extremely valuable supplement that all students using GED Math Lessons should have.

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