The other day I was flipping through the TV channels and came across the show “Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader”.   If you’re not familiar with the show it’s basically a game where an adult has to answer questions and they get to have the help of smart young people in the 5th grade.  The show is “cute” but if you don’t have your GED yet it can be a good way to combine entertainment with studying for the exam. Now you may be saying the GED is on high school material and not 5th grade topics.  Yes that’s true but many of the questions are an excellent review for all basic topics to include math, science, history and social studies.  One of the questions they asked when I was watching was about “pi” and it’s value.  This same question could have been repacked as a GED exam question- I know because I have written math tests for many, many years.  So, if you’re looking to study for the GED in a creative and fun way I would suggest checking out the show and other great TV resources  to include the History channel, PBS and Discovery- and if you have kids it’s a great way to get “smarter” as a family as well.

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